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Deepidoo invents personalized

Sensory marketing
Who are we ?

Centralised solution Play

A unique platform that centralises the management of your sensory marketing: digital signage, background music and scent marketing.

  • Several access levels
  • Multilingual: 6 languages
  • Real-time management and monitoring
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Our 5 areas of expertise


Compose, pilot and broadcast
your musical signature.
Whisper in your visitors' ears,
to better welcome and charm them...
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Create and project all your content
in real time:
LED walls, digital signage screens, totem kiosks... Control all your installations
in a few clicks...
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Without a word, touch the heart of your visitors. Easily master your olfactory communication to better whisper to your customers' memories...
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SoC technology, Deepibox, connected olfactory diffusers, API... Discover all the technologies that we master and that you can benefit from...
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Advice, technical follow-up, artistic accompaniment, support and training: Deepidoo supports you in all stages of your project...
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Our clients

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Our partners


The sectors we serve

Since 2013, we have equipped and supported more than 150 retail networks as part of their development and marketing. Here are some of the sectors we are passionate about!

retail deepidoo
Our DNA, our specialty
and our passion.
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luxe deepidoo
When the customer experience needs to be at its best, we are there.
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magasin spécialisés deepidoo retail
We help you to differentiate and enhance your business.
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retail deepidoo
Vos collaborateurs et vos équipes méritent le meilleur. Utilisez notre expertise pour leur bien-être.
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Questions our clients and partners typically ask

How do I connect to the PLAY platform?

To log in to our platform, click on the link to open the following URL
On this page you can then enter your login details or request a new password if you’ve forgotten yours.

How can I contact Deepidoo support?

You can contact our support team by email at or by phone on +33(0)4 37 26 85 74. Our support team is available Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Can I use the Play solution with my existing screens?

Yes! Depending on the models of your devices, there are two options available:

  • Our SoC solution, with no player needed. To find out if this option is compatible, a member of our sales team will assist you in checking the serial number and brand of your equipment.
  • Our solution with player (the Deepibox) This plug and play solution works on all displays!


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