Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Our team of experts are on hand to assist with all aspects of your sensory marketing, including installation, technical and operational integration,
sensory strategy, artistic content creation,
maintenance and after sales service.

As the owners of all our technical solutions we can adapt to your requirements and offer advice even at the idea stage of your project.

Whether purely technical, operational or related to your sensory marketing strategy, the experts of the Deepiteam will be on hand.

Technical, artistic,
operational, strategic...

The solution

Feasibility of your project, hardware recommendation, deployment, installation & configuration.

The Deepidoo galaxy





Our areas of expertise


Advice field

We listen to your ideas, analyze your needs and ambitions, and advise you on how best to realize them.


Artistic field

From the imagination to the realization of your specific requests we accompany you to find the best solution. Accompanied by a team of creative people, we will be able to propose you scenographies, animation and scents to your measure.


Technical field

We select the most suitable partner for you, or work as a team with those in your network. Deepidoo provides integration from the very beginning of your project, to connecting your hardware to the network and making it available on our PLAY platform.


Deployment field

We recommend you the best material, according to your budget and your objectives as well as the feasibility checks, through the study of your plans, the material, until the pre-visit of installation, to leave no room for the unexpected.


Integration field

From connecting to your logistics platform, ERP, CRM or business software, our technology opens up all possibilities and integrates our centralized solution into your work and organizational environment.


Maintenance and support

Our support service is available 6 days a week, from 9am to 7pm, in French and English Stay worry-free at all times with our national or international maintenance system.


Our experts are on hand

In short

Our fields of intervention

Comprehensive support

We are at your side to listen to your projects, understand your needs and study their feasibility.

Integration and

We offer a project follow-up from A to Z, from the sourcing of the best possible material to the assurance of its proper functioning during installation. We then provide international support, in several languages, on all continents.

Flexibility and

Our solution is designed to adapt to the needs of all types of organizations and sectors.
We are constantly innovating to offer you the most stable broadcasting tools, while adding unique features.

Simplicity and

Our platform is designed to allow direct and efficient marketing. Numerous training tools are available so that you can act serenely on the elements of your choice in a few clicks.

Precision and customization

Link your API to Deepidoo's to create automatic events. Use our options for the most advanced features on the market. Build your ideal digital solution.