Perfumes, colors, tones answer each other

Charles Baudelaire




Deepidoo has developed an innovative solution that allows you to manage, control and deliver interactive content in real time: sounds, videos & fragrance.

Create your own

Create your ideal hierarchical system,
choosing the role of your users and your organizations.

platform to
drive 3 senses

Drive your entire customer experience from a single platform: radio in-store, scent marketing and digital signage are combined in the same solution for maximum efficiency and control.

unmissable communications

Create unmissable communications by synchronizing your visual and audio messages.

Support built into your platform

Our PLAY platform includes its own monitoring and ticketing system for daily monitoring, instant help, and effective support.


The Deepibox

SoC technology

Forget about USB sticks and external players!
Connect the screen, install the software, deliver your content.

Easy to install
• Secure access
• Value for money
• Low risk of technical failure

Our diffusers

Deepsicent Air Pro

Deepsicent Wall Max

The Deepibox

The Deepibox is a connected computer, with on-board technology of which we are the inventors and owners. This device allows you to manage both your audio and visual marketing.

The DeepiBox is a 100% standalone device: it delivers your content continuously, even if your internet connection fails.
The system has two modes: streaming or content storage on the DeepiBox.

Fully plug and play, it arrives fully equipped, configured and ready to go. Simply plug it in and it delivers your content instantly.

Unbox, plug, enjoy!


With SoC (short for “system on Chip”), enjoy all the features of our Deepiscreen on your own device, without the need for an external player (our Deepibox).

Improved output, fast processing
SoC technology also reduces the risk of technical problems.

Can be controlled and repaired remotely
SoC offers reduced installation costs
Enjoy all the amazing features of Deepiplay for a lower price.
Your device may already be compatible!

Our partners

All features are already included!

Enjoy all the amazing features of PLAY for a lower price.
Contact us to find out if your existing devices are compatible.

Scent diffusers

Using the same technology as DeepiBox, the iConnect scent diffuser is controlled directly via PLAY by Deepidoo.

Fully standalone, just plug and diffuse. Managed and controlled remotely, it uses a GSM connection to integrate easily with your environment.

Turn it on and off, check fragrance levels and control fragrance intensity, all remotely via the PLAY interface.

9 different models available depending on the size of your space, integration with your environment and the desired look.

Plug and smell!

More details


Our new device will introduce you to the world of smart objects. This unique technology allows you to control all the electric devices you want. Via our unique platform, PLAY, manage scent diffusers, lighting systems, opening mechanisms and much more.

Live by Deepidoo

Control any of your screens in real time using a tablet or computer. Pause your content to demo a product or inform customers when a product is out of stock. Live is the ultimate digital sales tool.


Use any data (stock, sales etc.) to automate your audio and video content. Fully configurable and integrable, make your media displays an essential element of your business.

We connect to
your business software

To interact with your stock data, flash promotions etc. – inform your teams or customers in real time.
Improve productivity and avoid oversight.

We’ll tailor interactions
to your operational needs

Light, sound alerts, visuals, SMS etc.
Inform and deliver using predefined control rules.

Rainy day