``Every true look
is a desire``

A. de Musset

Make the most
of your video displays

Manage your marketing campaigns and digital screen network in real time.

Design the visual ambiance of your establishments, and choose the atmosphere in which your customers will evolve.


Manage your images and videos. Use our different widgets to inform and address
your visitors.


With PLAY, manage all your messages on the fly or automatically. Schedule your content live and up to a year in advance. You stay in control.


Adapt your visual marketing to your promotions, seasons or special events!




We are experts in digital signage

We provide expertise in digital signage, from smart TVs to customised touch-screen terminals, including media content and on-site installation management.

Manage your marketing campaigns and digital screen network in real time.
Our solution uses SoC technology so no player is needed and it can be installed and operational instantly.
Programme your content in real time up to one year ahead.
Choice of video equipment and on-site installation: Deepidoo will help you get your digital signage project from start to finish.


Play screen by Deepidoo

With PLAY by Deepidoo, it’s easy to manage your digital signage campaign in real time.

In just a few clicks, access your own content or use the selection of available widgets. Keep your customers up-to-date with the weather, digital TV channels or the latest news. Share YouTube videos, Facebook Live streams or traffic updates around your store.

The flexibility and responsiveness you’ve been looking for: add content instantly or plan ahead! Our calendar allows you to schedule up to one year of content.

Create captivating video marketing campaigns using our 2 innovative features: video coordination and audio/video synchronisation.

Discover how effective your digital marketing really is by analysing the results of your visuals: recurrences, time spent, etc. – you’ll finally know which content is the most effective in improving sales.


No limits, play content easily on all your devices.

Choice of video equipment, on-site installation or integrated directly into your existing screen network:
Deepidoo will help you get your video project from start to finish. Choose your mode of integration and we’ll guide you for the rest.Deepibox: audio/video player, lets you benefit from Deepidoo using your existing equipment.

SoC system: uses new installation technology so no player needed.

Plug and play


More than just a communication tool, we integrate with your environment

Make Deepiscreen part of your sales and communication strategy. Deepiscreen can be connected directly to your management tools, transforming your visual displays into digital sales tools and adapting to operational issues.

Interactions examples


In short

Our offer


A universal

We can deploy all types of screens and take over all existing fleets. Our solution is available with SoC technology (without player) as well as with our own video player, the Deepibox.

your entire
fleet of screens

Control your screen fleet at any time: logs, broadcast overviews, synchronizations... Act in real time on a single screen, or on the group of devices of your choice.

your salespeople

Help your teams to convince and better inform your customers:
Instantly display the visuals of your choice from any tablet or computer.

Enhance the image of your brand

Respect your corporate identity by providing your branches or partners with blocked or partially editable content.

Automate your video broadcasts

Create dynamic and intelligent visuals with content from your own database.

you can't miss

Create unmissable communications by synchronizing your visual and audio messages for impactful broadcasts.

They are using our sound solution !

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