Create your visual ambience

Video system
your identity
Create the solution
tailored to your needs


Capture the attention of visitors with the power of digital signage.

Turn that passer-by into a customer.

``Enhance your point-of-sale experience with digital signage: a custom digital solution tailored to each space.``

Create your own environment

Create your own visual identity and boost sales. Enhance your connection and interaction with your customers.

Control the perception
of your brand

Display proudly the colours and values of your business through the power of digital.

Finally, take advantage of
the video supports

Decide the order of your videos and synchronise your screens with each other or with your overhead announcements.

Attract customer’s

We’ll advise you on the best digital strategy to capture their attention.

For each screen
its message

Add a screen to your shop window for promotions or behind the checkout for your customer advantages – anything is possible.


We’ll work with you to find the best way to integrate your screens into your strategy and your operational needs.

  • From installation to maintenance, Deepidoo will help you create your visual identity.
  • Via the Deepibox or directly integrated with your screens, our solution will easily adapt to your existing network of devices.
  • Interactive terminals, LED walls – there are no limits to creating your visual identity.


Use the Deepibox to connect all your screens independently.

Let us
install your park

Whether it’s selecting content for your screens or installing your equipment anywhere in the world, we provide a comprehensive service.


Deployment, installation, after sales – we’re present on all levels, in all your sales outlets, all over the world.

Create your visual identity

A team dedicated to you visual creations

Images, videos, news widgets, YouTube Live and more! Display any media you want.

Use any type of image or video with your smart screens such as visual logos, adverts or product demos. You can create your company’s own personalised TV network thanks to our digital signage software.

  • We continually improve our web platform to evolve with the realities and needs of digital marketing.
  • Each feature is designed to allow you to use your images and videos in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Our team will help you create an environment that reflects your identity and values whilst keeping in mind your architectural and marketing constraints.

An optimised solution
for digital signage in the retail sector.


Unlimited video loops and autoplay video.

Plug n play

A variety of widgets are available such as the latest news, YouTube videos etc.


Edit content on the fly.

Take your pick


Control every aspect of your digital marketing by adding our options. Add to your arsenal new features, new content for visitors or promote your social media accounts.


Synchronise your content to display on several screens at the same time.

TV Channels

The 27 main digital French TV channels are available.

Dynamic Board

Modify your products, prices and promotions in real time

Live !
By Deepidoo

Control your screens in real time.

Social Wall

Show your Facebook, Facebook Live or Instagram posts on your screens.

Template Master

Create and share templates within your network.

Template User

Limit access within your network for modifications and templates.