Deliver & customise your solution



Use intelligent technology to optimise your visual communication.

Make the most of your communication.

``We tailor our solution to best fit your operational issues and extraordinary events.``


Fully connectable and programmable

Our solution integrates with your business tools to automate delivery of content, promotions and messages.

Link your software to our API to automate delivery of your visuals.
Make your marketing campaigns intelligent: Create dynamic content in an instant to deliver your promotions and announcements.


Go a step further

More than a just communication tool, incorporate your screens into your overall business strategy: link promotions, product demonstrations and sales tools, store info, Click & Collect etc.

We deliver your chosen content to your screens


Create your sound identity

Our visual solutions

At Deepidoo, digital signage is not just about delivering content, but a range of solutions that help you communicate your message in the best way. From technical design to installation in your stores, we provide several solutions to support your strategy, capture the attention of visitors and engage with your customers.

We’ll provide the right technical solution tailored to your needs and objectives.

Solution vidéo


Reliable and flexible, our external player can be used with any type of screen to convert your network or for specific technical requests (4K, multi-screen walls etc.).
Solution vidéo

Soc - Playerless solution

Our solution with no player needed uses the on-board technology of smart TVs.
Solution vidéo

Live by Deepidoo

This innovative feature lets you control a screen using a tablet or computer to deliver product demonstrations and help your sales team to engage with customers.
Solution vidéo

Audio & Video Synchronization

Deliver the right media visual at the same time as playing the corresponding audio message. Make memorable events through your communication.