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Expect the unexpected

Deepidoo helps you manage the unexpected

“We tailor our solution to best fit your operational issues and extraordinary events.”


Fully connectable and programmable

Link your software to ours to automate your audio messages and audio adverts.

Make your marketing campaigns intelligent: Create dynamic content in an instant to deliver your promotions and announcements.

Create your sound identity

Our sound solutions

From installation to maintenance, our comprehensive service will configure and centralise your sound.

Our team of experts will analyse your needs and recommend the best solution for you.

Audio Solution

Two solutions in one

Use background music and audio messages together or separately.
Audio Solution


Our audio player allows you to control your musical atmosphere at any time.
Audio Solution

Plug n Play

Our audio solution takes seconds to install so you’ll be operational instantly.
Audio Solution

Maintenance provided

Troubleshooting is carried out remotely or via our platform to ensure the continuity of your sound.
Audio Solution

Unlimited access

Create your own user accounts to allow your sales team, franchisees or other staff to control your sound.
Audio Solution

Several ambiences

Create a unique ambience for your retail outlets or curate a different musical atmosphere for each corner of your store.
Audio Solution

Grab their attention

Combine audio messages and video for a unique user experience and an engaging message.
Audio Solution

Ambiences ready to use

Use our themed playlists or create your own on the platform.